Things to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Renovation

Whether you’re looking for a simple change or a total overhaul, a bathroom renovation can be a good investment. If you’ve been considering it, here are some things to consider before starting your project.

Adding a new coat of paint to your walls is a relatively easy, affordable way to refresh the look of your bathroom. You can choose a color that will match the rest of your home decor, or you can opt for a more neutral tone. A semi-gloss paint is easy to wipe down and is resistant to mold. You might also choose to refinish your cabinets, which can be a more cost-effective solution.

Changing the layout of your bathroom can make a big impact on the space. However, you should be careful not to make too many changes at once. Moving fixtures can be messy, and it can cost you a lot of money. If you’re not sure about how to handle this, it’s best to hire a professional to help you.

Replacing your shower or bath tub is another important upgrade. You can either choose a tub or a combination shower/tub, or you can leave both out. You might even want to install a sink cabinet instead of a vanity. These can add an element of convenience and resale value to your bathroom.

If you’re planning on putting your house on the market in the near future, you should consider a bathroom renovation. A brand new bathroom will give your home a refreshed look, and can also save you money on repairs and energy bills. In addition, a bathroom that’s updated with modern fixtures can be an inviting space. The fixtures themselves can be purchased at home improvement stores, or you can purchase them online. You might also need to have an electrician come out to do the wiring.

If you’re looking for a little bit more than a fresh coat of paint, consider adding a radiant heating system. This is an alternative to a traditional heater, and it can be installed under the tile work in your bathroom. It costs about $16 to $25 per square foot.

The most expensive part of a bathroom remodeling project is the wet area. This area includes the walls around the shower or tub, as well as the ceiling. In addition, it’s important to install a waterproofing membrane to prevent water damage. A wetdry shop vac can be very handy for cleaning up water spills.

A new bathroom floor can also completely change the feel of the space. You might want to choose a material such as stone or wood that has a modern, contemporary look. You can also opt for a solid surface countertop, such as quartz engineered stone or natural stone. Depending on the size of the room, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,800 for these upgrades. Click home remodeling company near me if you need help on bathroom renovation in Sacramento area.